Roe Lift Mini Accumulator

The "MINI" is one of our four "standard footprint" ROE-LIFT® Accumulators. Its time tested and patented design provide a reliable, high-speed and high-volume accumulation solution. By standardizing the length and width and building to your height and accumulation requirements, we are able to offer the Mini at a substantial cost savings over other accumulation methods.


  • High-speed, high-capacity, gentle
  • Provides completely automatic accumulation during downstream machinery downtime.
  • Open access from operator side and visibility of accumulated product from all sides.
  • RWave® Transfer available on all MINI models, allows two or more rows of product to be accumulated on every lift rail.
  • Optional graphical user interface with reporting / data collection.
  • Intuitive operator alarms and displays for operation and maintenance.
Roe Lift Mini AccumulatorROE-LIFT®
MINI Accumulator