Novus Capper

The Rotary Novus Chuck Capper is a fully automatic, capping machine with cap pick-up and placement assemblies. The machine configuration allows left-hand or right-hand flow with production rates up to 50 BPM per spindle. Uncapped containers are supplied to the capper infeed worm by a conveyor that can also be provided by Dillin Capping Systems.

As a container enters the capper, a sensor detects its presence. If a container is not detected, the appropriate cap is prevented from entering the cap starwheel. As the spindle assemblies rotate about the turret, they move vertically by means of a cam. The cam is designed to accurately position the cap chuck over the various pick-up and release points of the cap. Adjustments can be made to the magnetic clutches for various torque requirements.


  • Applications include a wide range of cap styles and container sizes
  • Fully automatic
  • Pick and place capping chucks
  • Powered height adjustment
  • Quick 30 minute Quick changeovers between product runs
  • No-tools changeover
  • Minimal lubrication requirements
  • Easy washdown accessibility
  • No bottle/no cap logic
  • Cap tightening with adjustable clutches for precise torque application
  • Rates up to 50BPM per spindle
  • Compact, free-standing unit
  • Constructed primarily from stainless steel and other materials that are corrosion-resistant
  • Fully interlocked machine guarding
Novus Capper